Welcome to the FoxTorrent project

FoxTorrent is an interface to the BitTorrent client Azureus.

Azureus has an XML over HTTP plugin, allowing structured XML requests and queries to be sent to a running Azureus instance which has a miniature HTTP server running.  This allows alternative frontends to be used in place of the standard GUI - for example, a PHP-based web frontend.

FoxTorrent uses this XML over HTTP interface to provide an Azureus GUI integrated into the Firefox browser.  It has configuration options to specify the target Azureus server.

The majority of the interface is contained in a single sidebar.
This sidebar has two boxes - one for currently downloading torrents, and one for seeding and queued torrents.  Each box displays the torrents for that category and allows a number of standard torrent queue manipulation commands - moving torrents up and down the queue, stopping and starting torrents, and deleting torrents.  Each torrent item in the list also provides more detailed information about each torrent - upload speeds, seeds, peers, size, etc.  This information is displayed in as a mouseover tooltip with the details.

Users are able to send torrents to Azureus - HTTP URLs of torrents to download.  As a shortcut, an option is overlayed into the right-click context menu on webpage hyperlinks - so users can right click a torrent link on a webpage and "Send this link to Azureus" without having to open the separate torrent upload window.

FoxTorrent provides an options page to change host, port, and authentication.

There are two main parts to this extension - the sidebar panels and pop-up windows and overlays (GUI parts), and the backend that handles communication with Azureus's XMLoverHTTP.  The communication aspect is bundled into an XPCOM component.

The foxtorrent project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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